Wind Resource Assessment Application

Technologies Used:

Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, S3), Ubuntu, Ruby, NGINX, Bootstrap, Javascript, Angular.js, HTML5, CSS3


Application Overview

WindDataIO automates the processing of wind resource assessment data and provides public / private dashboards for user to share data.  At the core, the goal is to make sure that all tower sensors remain functioning and providing  high quality data during the assessment period. monitors this by automating the processing of sensor data and filtering if for any hardware failure flags.  In the event that a sensor experiences an issue the user is alerted  immediatly. In addition, performs a range of complex calculations (made simple) on the data that is collected in realtime.

WindDataIO Website:

Public Dashboard (live):

KISS Style Calculations
Adding Calculations is Simple

Our goal is to make things as simple and transparent as possible.  Simply select a calculation type and any options and you're all set.  We also provide all of the formulas used and do our best to explain them.  No more black box applications... share the knowledge.

Stack Calculations Up

Not everything can be performed from a single calculation so you have the ability to use the results from your calculations in other calculations.  For example to synthesize energy produced a production height turbine, you'll need to synthesize the wind speed at that height.  Don't worry we'll walk you through it.