Biotechnology CRM / Workflow Application

BioServe required a workflow application that would speed up the sales cycle and handle communications between the clients, sales team, and database specialists.  We named it BioForce.


BioForce is one of many.

For 12 years I've developed applications for the biotechnology industry and my largest client, BioServe.

My name is Steven Carmo. I'm a Full-Stack Application Developer and "Intrenix" .  If you are in the human biorepositry industry and are looking to use technology as a tool for innovation, please contact me.  I have a wealth of knowledge in building applications to assist human specimen collection and biorepositories. The quickest way to contact me is to complete the information request to the right.

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A different type of sales cycle requires a customized workflow.

Being one of the world's largest biorepositories and providers of human biospecimens poses a challenge and requires deviation from the standard sales cycle.

Providing human samples requires a close connection between the client, sales team, clinical staff, and database specialists.  In many circumstances, clients many not know exactly what specimens they need.  In addition to that, a complex database containing hundreds of thousands of patients, with multiple samples, and hundreds of data points, requires a database specialist to perform searches.  In this process, multiple exchanges providing the client with selections and updated query requirements are very common.  BioForce was developed to be a single point of order fullfillment, tracking and logging communications for this process.


 Email Alerts and "Holds"
Time is of the essence

Sending quality search results to the customer for sample selection is of the upmost importance.  Clients are in contact with multiple human biorepositories, so providing results faster means increased sales. Ninety percent of the interaction is between a sales person (requester) and a database specialist (searcher), so implementing search request "holds" keep the requester and searcher aware if their actions are required.  

Biorepository software email alert
 Integration with Applications and Microservices
Much more than a sales tool

The value of data stored within a search request with each search request extended the value of this application by interacting with external applications. Two examples of this type of interaction include:

1. Sample IDs from a search request can be pushed to the "CRF Downloader" to create a zipped archive of all of the Case Report Forms and pathology reports.

2. Attaching the the search parameters for search requests completed using the "Search Widget" gives users the ability to instantly re-run the query.  This enables the user to check the availability of samples at a later date.

biorepository iphone application