Website Development

Goal-Driven Websites.

Design Process (in a nutshell)

Our design process is, for the most part, the same process we use when developing applications.  It's a fairly common methodology that will ensure that the product you get is the product you envisioned.

We feel that the discovery phase is the most important.  Defining goals and learning about what you do makes for a better product.  We'll constantly return to the discovery phase throughout the project.  We have a "no suprises" policy.  Once all is in place, we'll arrange the information architecture and start putting together a design.  We use our in-house Stackable CMS for all projects, even if the goal is to deploy the website on another platform.  This makes the design round move smoother, as we can actually use live demo sites during our conversations.  Deploying is the fun part because we get to see the product in use.  The maintainance phase involves making upgrades based on end-user results.

Introducing Stackable Content Management System

A Content Mangement System by Intrenix.

We developed Stackable CMS to help us design, deploy, and maintain your goal-driven websites.



  • Amazon Cloud

    Hosted on EC2 instances to maximize scalability and speed.

  • Security

    Client and Administraive systems are segregated to maximize security.

  • CDN = BlazinG Fast

    All static assets are hosted by either Amazon S3 or CloudFront CDN.

  • Backups

    We backup website, database, and static files daily.



  • Directory structure

    The same structure you are used to, files and folders.

  • Page Creation

    Simply create a filename and you have all the components for a page.

  • Publish/Unpublish

    Your page is either viewable or not.  A single click publishes a page.

  • Test Mode

    See a preview of your pages before publishing.


    Content Editor

  • Best Editor EVER

    We built it from the ground up to be the simplest editor on the market.

  • Stacks, Rows, Columns

    Stack-based system that makes it easy to design mobile-friendly pages.

  • Edit Multiple Pages

    Edit one or edit ten. Easily edit multiple pages at the same time.

  • Advanced Features

    A shortcut key toggles the editor between GUI and source interfaces.


    Asset Management

  • Drag and Drop

    Drag images, scripts, and documents directly into the application.


    Upload an asset and it goes straight to a content distribution network.

  • Simple Interface

    Similar to our page structure, assets are kept in named bins.

  • Click to insert

    Add the asset or a link to the asset into your content with a single click.

Additional Features

It's not a complete list, but we think you'll get the picture.

 Full-Featured Content Editor
No more playing "email tag" for updates

If you can use a word processer, you can edit a web page.  Our editor makes is simple.  Take small steps by reading the "how to's" and before you know it, you'll be adding web designer to your resume.

 Stacks, Rows, and Columns.

It's named "Stackable" for a reason.

Our stack-based system was built to make designing your website simple, effective, and consistent.  Building on top of Boostrap's UI, we've developed layouts and helper classes that are mobile-friendly and easy to use.

 Templating System
Use global templates or design your own

We developed Stackable with templating as a core feature.  Reusing your favorite building blocks makes laying out pages a breeze.

Did you create a custom object you like? Simply right-click and "create template from selection."

 Advanced Editing Features
Advanced Developer Tools

Enter "Source Mode" and hack away or use the advanced features of our editor to simplify tasks that require a visual response.  Don't worry, we have VIM bindings installed for all us "nerds."

 Drag and Drop to the Cloud
Upload assets directly to a CDN

Hosting assets locally should be a crime.  Drag and drop images, documents, and scripts into our asset manager and they're uploaded to Amazon's CDN.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

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